Relation with Microsoft
In 1994, Village Software was approached by Microsoft to form a strategic relationship for the upcoming Microsoft Office 95 release. Village Software, Inc. designed all of the templates available within Excel 95, and continued to be the exclusive template provider for Excel 97, Excel 98 for the Macintosh, and Excel 2000. We are the only company ever allowed to place an advertisement within Office.

Village Software, Inc.’s relationship with Microsoft continues to this day. In addition to various Excel projects, we have developed templates and applications for Microsoft using Microsoft Access, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Binder, and Microsoft Exchange. We have also authored some of Microsoft’s official training materials for Microsoft Outlook and Exchange. This development experience and close working relationship has given us a knowledge of Microsoft Office applications that is unique in the industry, and makes us a logical choice when considering custom-developed Office applications or pre-programmed templates. It is also worth noting that Village Software is the only company to have templates included with all three major office suites - Corel’s Office Suite, Lotus SmartSuite, and Microsoft Office.

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