Find us in your copy of Microsoft Excel 95 or 97 or 2000

Village Software was the ONLY company chosen by Microsoft to create the built-in Spreadsheet Solution and Binder forms for Office 95, Office 97, Office 2000 and Office 98 for the Mac. Microsoft chose Village to develop spreadsheet templates for Excel 95, 97 and 2000. If you have a copy of Microsoft Excel 95 or 97 or 2000 installed on your computer, follow the steps below to use these templates.

Village is also the only company ever allowed by Microsoft to place an ad in their Office suite.

Step One

Open Microsoft Excel (95 or 97 or 2000 versions, or 98 on the Macintosh)

Step two

Open a new document and select the "Spreadsheet Solutions" tab.

Step three

You will find us right there!

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