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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with any product you buy from this website, you can return the product within 30  days from the purchase date and we will give back your money. No questions asked.


What do you need to return a product?

We need to have your order number to process your claim for money back. you can find your order number either on the invoice displayed to you right after your purchase or on a confirmation email sent to you by service@digitalriver.com.

If you do not have your order number with you, please call us and we can deal with it.


How do you get your money back?

If you are not satisfied with a product you bought from our website, contact us with in 30 days from the data of purchase and we will refund entire product cost to you. No strings attached.

You can return a product directly from our website by clicking here. Please mention briefly why you are returning the product (this helps us better improve our products) along with other information (date of purchase, your name, product name) if available.

You will then be emailed a Letter of Destruction. You must accept the terms of the Letter of Destruction in order to receive your refund.


When will the credit appear on my card?

Your refund credit will appear on your card approximately one week after completion of the return.

For more information on product refund questions click here

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