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  • How do I download software that I have purchased?

    You can download by either clicking the 'begin HTTP download' button on your order information page, or by doing a download by right clicking on the 'begin HTTP download' button and choosing 'Save Target As' in IE or 'Save Link As' in Netscape. back to Need Help main page


  • How do I get serial numbers or keys for my product?

    There are no keys or serial numbers for our products. However, you get a customer number and order number via an email. Please mention these numbers when you contact us. back to Need Help main page


  • What if download stops before its complete?

    This site provides downloads that adheres to the HTTP 1.1 specification that allows for re-startable downloads. Therefore, if your download stops or is interrupted before it is complete, simply press the begin download button again and the download should resume where it left off. back to Need Help main page


  • I finished downloading, where do I find it?

    The best way to know where your download saved is to pay close attention to the "Save As" window at the beginning of the download process. Once you have clicked the download button and selected the option to save the file, you will be given the "Save As" window, which shows you exactly where your download is being saved to on your computer.

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  • How do I install the product?

    Double click on the saved file and follow the instructions. The files you download are executable installer files that automatically install the program on to your computer. back to Need Help main page


  • I've downloaded the software, now what?

    Double click the saved file to begin installation. All Village products are self installable and do not require major configuration changes for your computer. back to Need Help main page


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