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Find out how healthy your company really is. Analyze hard to find problems with your company. Whether the company is yours or one you want to invest in, you need to know how well it's doing...learn more


Business Troubleshooter

For whom: Ideal for small business owners, investors, business students, MBAs, financial professionals, business analysts, and others.

What it does: Asks for financial data and calculates risk and performance using the popular Markov's model. It also provides recommendations on insurance, bankruptcy, securities, and others.

Designed by: CPAs and MBAs with dozens of years of business and financial consulting experience. Design is based on expert financial models followed by thousands of successful business and financial consultants.

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Microsoft Excel 97 to 2003
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Requires Microsoft Excel

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Product Description

The FastAnswer™ Business Troubleshooter focuses on five key areas of operating and financial risk - so that you can control them before they become problems. Using the Markov estimated process for bad debt, Business Troubleshooter uses your financial history to estimate your future uncollectible amounts saving you anxiety and surprises.

Business Troubleshooter's earnings dilution module helps you understand implications of issuing securities, and alerts you to the legal issues to boot. The business interruption module helps you see how much insurance you should carry to guard against disaster. Business Troubleshooter's liquidation module helps you understand the true purchase value of your company's equipment and prepaid expenses.

And the bankruptcy prediction module applies Altman's Z-Score formula to your financial data to detect potential bankruptcy, as much as two years in advance. Risks and pitfalls are part of business, and Business Troubleshooter makes management of these risks routine!

  • Make sure you aren't caught by surprise when disaster strikes. Find out how much business interruption insurance your company really needs so that you're safe when business has to stop.

  • Don't let your bad debts get out of control. Business Troubleshooter helps you plan sufficiently so that you can keep a handle on them.

  • Predict bankruptcy as much as two years in advance with Altman's Z-Score analysis. You won't be caught flat-footed when you need to react fast.

  • Over a dozen pages of content give you in-depth analyses of your business problems.

  • The Clear Data button makes creating another version simple. Just clear data, enter new data, and save.

  • Village Software's unique print dialog box lets you print anything in the program with just two button clicks.

  • Before you issue a security, make sure that it doesn't dilute the earnings per share. Business Troubleshooter tells you which securities will be dilutive and calculates the information necessary for financial disclosure.

  • Detailed in-built help is always just a click away to give you tips on the easiest way to complete a task.

  • Plan for buyouts, or liquidations and profit the most. The buyout value estimator module gives you the negotiation edge because you'll know how much the business is really worth.

  • Easy installation lets you jump in and analyze data right away

System Requirements

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/NT

Office Suite: Microsoft Office 97,2000,XP,2003

RAM: 32 MB or more

Free disk space: 3 MB (app.)

Processor: Processors with 300MHz or higher speed

List price $79.95     you save $20 (25%)

Microsoft Excel 97 to 2003

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Main menu

Markov model for bad debt estimates-I

Markov model for bad debt estimates-II

Business interruption insurance-I

Business interruption insurance-IV

Results of Markov model

Private company comparative Z-scores

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