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Plan your retirement today! Forecast and analyze your financials for your retirement. Simply enter numbers in the intelligent templates and see the results...learn more


Retirement Planner

For whom: Ideal for HR managers, corporate and government employees, workers, HR consultants, small business employers, MBAs, and others.

What it does: Answers your basic questions on retirement by analyzing contributions, tax modulations, income cash-flows and others. It projects the value of current assets, savings, contributions for retirement planning.

Designed by: HR and financial experts with dozens of years of business and consulting experience. Design is based on expert financial models followed by thousands of successful business and financial consultants.

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Microsoft Excel 97 to 2003
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Lotus 1-2-3

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Product Description

The FastAnswer™ Retirement Planner turns your planning into a nicer nest egg. Created by a group of retirement planning professionals, Retirement Planner gives you a complete view of retirement. The IRA module guides you through the issues surrounding IRA withdrawal - even before the age of 59. The income and cash-flow planning modules both show graphically how inflation can sabotage your retirement income, and suggest strategies to avoid the inflation traps. The lump-sum module reviews the pros and cons of taking a lump-sum distribution in lieu of an annuity.

Use Retirement Planner to determine exactly how much you need to save to meet your retirement goals and maintain a comfortable standard of living. Along with 401(k) Forecaster, Village Software's Retirement Planner provides one of the best one-two punches in your fight for a good retirement!

  • Retirement Planner's modules answer three of the most important concerns that people have about retirement. Will they have enough money to retire? Is it better to take a taxable lump-sum distribution from their non-taxable retirement account or to defer the payment until later on? And, how do they make early withdrawals from their IRA account without incurring penalties or fines?

  • Easy installation lets you jump right in and get started.

  • Over a dozen pages of content give you in-depth analyses of your retirement plans.

  • The Clear Data button makes creating another version simple. Just clear data, enter new data, and save. You can compare different scenarios easily.

  • Take into account the assets that you have now. Retirement Planner will calculate their estimated value at retirement.

  • Plan for retirement with easy to understand graphs and reports.

  • Village Software's unique print dialog box lets you print anything in the program with just two button clicks.

  • Detailed  built-in help is always just a click away.

  • Support is provided by Village Software's superior author network.

System Requirements

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP/NT

Office Suite: Microsoft Excel 95, 97,2000,XP,2003 or Lotus 1-2-3 (select appropriate version)

RAM: 32 MB or more

Free disk space: 3 MB (app.)

Processor: Processors with 300MHz or higher speed

List price $89.95     you save $20 (22%)

Microsoft Excel 97 to 2003

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Lotus 1-2-3

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These are actual screens of the product. Click the image for an enlarged view.

Main menu

Retirement income projection input

Retirement annuity/asset summary

Real values of retirement annuities

Projected annuities - Nominal vs. real

Lump sum vs. deferred income input

Lump sum cash comparisons - IRA vs Non-IRA

IRA calculation input

IRA calculation summary

Help and instructions


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