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Use professionally designed spreadsheet templates attached to a powerful Access database. Get the best of both worlds and create a wide variety of reports to analyze your business...learn more


Office Management

For whom: Ideal for entrepreneurs, small business owners, office managers, sales executives, business consultants, data managers, and others.

What it does: Records information in Excel templates and allows you to print/email reports. Stores all the information in a database and allows you to generate powerful reports for business analysis. Purchase order, Invoice, Sales quote, Expense statement, and Time card are included in this pack.

Designed by: A group of Harvard MBAs and software professionals with dozens of years of business and database experience. Developed based on expert models followed across the industry.

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Microsoft Office 2000 to 2003
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Microsoft Office 97

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Requires Microsoft Excel and Access for full functionality

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Product Description

FastData™’s ease of use in Microsoft Excel combined with the reporting functionality and flexibility of Microsoft Access will immediately increase your productivity. FastData uses Excel forms that are linked to an Access database to record, track and report your data. No database knowledge is required to use FastData™. The intuitively designed user interface makes using this program a snap. Even a novice user can easily navigate through the forms and functions.

  • Easy installation allows you to just jump right in and get started.

  • Invoices can be automatically generated from the Sales Quotes.

  • The forms are equipped with an auto numbering feature which can be set by the user. This provides an additional measure of tracking.

  • FastData™ Office Management includes five of our most popular forms – Expense Statement, Invoice, Purchase Order, Sales Quote and Timecard.

  • Customer, vendor and employee records are stored in the database.

  • With a single button click, you can automatically save or load the desired information directly into the form.

  • The duplication of data entry is eliminated. For instance, once a customers information is stored in the Sales Quote form, it can be easily retrieved into an Invoice form without retyping of information.

  • The database allows you to add your existing customer records, as well as to create and store new customer information.

  • The Export Spreadsheet function allows you to create copies of the completed forms to send electronically as an Email attachment. Clients or vendors will now receive these forms in a readable electronic format.

  • Data entered into the forms are retained in the database. You can easily locate, edit or print previously entered forms.

  • Create reports to suite your business specifications. The unlimited reporting capabilities of Access, allow you to analyze your business.

  • Create and run daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly reports for sales, purchases, employee time, or customer quotes.

  • For an additional charge, Village Software's Reporting Experts can create custom reports or other modifications to your exact specifications.

FastData Office Management relies on some of the key new technologies built into Windows. If you're an Office user you'll be quite impressed when you see how FastData Office Management enhances your office software! Designed for users who want just the forms to get them started, the FastData Office Management starts you on your way!

System Requirements

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 98 and above

Office Suite: Microsoft Office 97,2000,XP,2003 (select appropriate version)

RAM: 32 MB or more

Free disk space: 5 MB (appx.)

Processor: Processors with 300MHz or higher speed

List price $179.95     you save $80 (44%)

Microsoft Office 2000 to 2003

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Microsoft Office 97

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These are actual screens of the product. Click the image for an enlarged view.

Main switch board

Customer information retriever

New customer record

Vendor information recorder

Employee information recorder

Forms switch board

Expense statements retriever

PO reports generator

Expense statement template

Invoice template

Timecard template

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Get Customization

We specialize in customizing Microsoft Office to your unique specifications. If you can't find what you need in our small business products store then send us a request for customization. We will send you a FREE quote and proposal document.

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