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Save hours of time by automating the tedium of creating and assembling billing documents. Simply follow the Wizard's prompts and outlines and your most time-consuming documents will come together in a flash!...learn more


Client Billing

For whom: Ideal for small business owners, entrepreneurs, account managers, office managers, billing consultants, business professionals, etc.

What it does: Asks for vital information and creates a professional set of billing documents. Time card, materials card, cover letter, invoice and other attachments are all created with the click of a few buttons. A dynamic menu keeps track of all documents.

Designed by: By a group of Harvard MBAs and business consultants with dozens of years of business experience. Authors of this product have developed this product based on popular billing models and formats followed in the industry.


List price $129.95     you save $30 (23%)

Microsoft Office 97 to 2003
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Requires Microsoft Excel and Word for full functionality

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Product Description

Whether you're starting or operating a business, you know the importance of a good billing system. Our FastPlan™ Client Billing helps you pull together a billing system without worrying about tedium. Village Software's unique "wizard" allows you to customize the plan to your specific needs.

If you don't need the a Materials Card section, you can "unselect" it and the sections disappear. If you want to incorporate your corporate logo, you just insert it once in the "wizard" and the document automatically customizes. As with all FastPlan™s, our FastPlan™ Client Billing includes writing advice, to help you pick the right emphasis for your text sections. Of course, great plans can't write themselves. But with this FastPlan™, you'll present your clients with a bill of your services in a fraction of the time it used to take.

  • Organize and present your client statements in an attractive manner.

  • The FastPlan™ Wizard lets you insert a company logo for your company's client billing system.

  • Print or fax your entire client bill at the touch of a button.

  • Pre-formatted fax cover sheets and other documents give your client bill a uniform look and feel.

  • Navigate easily through your entire collection of documents with a click of a button.

  • Easy installation lets you jump right in and get started.

  • Choose the sections that you want to have in your FastPlan™. Village Software's FastPlan™ Wizard lets you select the sections you want to use so you won't clutter your file with ones you don't.

  • If you create many client bills, the FastPlan™ will remember your business information. You'll only need to type it in once. The next time you use the FastPlan™, the Wizard will automatically fill it in until you change it.

  • Save hours of time by automating the tedium of creating and assembling a bill to your clients.

  • Simply follow the Wizard's prompts and the FastPlan™ will come together in a flash!

System Requirements

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/NT

Office Suite: Microsoft Office 97,2000,XP,2003

RAM: 64 MB or more

Free disk space: 3 MB (app.)

Processor: Processors with 300MHz or higher speed

List price $129.95     you save $30 (23%)

Microsoft Office 97 to 2003

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These are actual screens of the product. Click the image for an enlarged view.

Start screen

Client billing wizard 1

Client billing wizard 2

Client billing wizard 3

Client billing wizard 4

Client billing wizard 5

Time card sample

Invoice sample

Materials card sample

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Get Customization

We specialize in customizing Microsoft Office to your unique specifications. If you can't find what you need in our small business products store then send us a request for customization. We will send you a FREE quote and proposal document.

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