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IDA Manager is a powerful system that helps you efficiently manage and administer your IDA program. IDA Manager is available both as an add-on module for MIMOTA and as a stand alone system. IDA Manager records, tracks, and reports information on grants, program participants, banks associated, and matching funds. Click on a feature to learn more.

> Participant’s Information
> Participant’s Demographics
> Community Based Partners
> Multiple Grants
> Flexible Matching Ratios
> Contribution Source Tracking
> Reports
> Customizable Dropdowns


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Customizable dropdowns



Record and track comprehensive information for every participant/member of your IDA program. IDA Manager captures the following information for every participant.

• Name, address, and phone numbers
• SSN, financial Institution (bank where deposits are made), account number
• Savings specific information such as purpose of saving, maximum match, match rate, monthly saving goal, enrollment date, and member status (graduated/terminated/active)
• Community partner’s information

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Demographic information on program participants is critical for reporting. IDA Manager allows you to generate reports of specific interest such as percentage of African American women with at least high school diploma that graduated from the IDA program in last quarter. The following demographic information is captured and tracked by the system

• Basic Information: Gender, year of birth, ethnicity, marital status, number of children, highest level of education, employment status, number of adults living in the household, place of residence (urban/rural), etc.
• Background Information: History of participation in programs such as TANF/AFDC/SSDI, specific breakup information on monthly gross income of the household, history of participation in other IDA programs
• Assets and Liabilities Information: Detailed information on all current assets and liabilities of the member (ownership of car, house, business, property, land, etc.)

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You can record information on unlimited community based partners and associate them with members/clients of your IDA program. You can also record and track information on referral managers at the partner organizations. If you do not deal with community partners for your IDA program you can just disable this functionality in the system.

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You can track unlimited grants or funds in the program. A status table displays real time data on the breakdown statistics of every fund in your program. Information on original dollars sanctioned, committed dollars, uncommitted dollars, and paid dollars is tracked for every grant/fund.

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IDA Manager offers a flexible matching ratio for every deposit made by a member. You can change the matching ratio for selected months or opt for a fixed matching ratio until the member graduates. You can also set monthly savings target, and limits for matching dollars.

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Track the source of every dollar that is matched for a member’s deposit (even if you have multiple funds/grants contributing matching dollars for a single account). IDA Manager allows you to have 100% control in assigning and tracking dollars in the program. You can also generate summary reports on all matchings and dollar contributions.

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You can generate a wide variety of reports from the data collected in the system. By default, you get up to 20 standard reports with built-in filtering options. We can also custom develop reports for your specific submissions and analysis. Some of the reports offered with the system are described below.


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All dropdowns in the IDA Manager are customizable by the user. You can add new options or “deactivate” (not delete) an existing option in a dropdown list. This flexibility allows you to continue to use your organization specific terminology.

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