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Contact Management (CM), the core module and primary interface of MIMOTA, records and tracks all contact information in your organization. It has all the functionality you need to manage contacts, mailings, and relationships. Click on these key features to learn more.


Main screen for contact management

Relationships (see the bottom half of the picture)

Mailing (see the bottom half of the picture)



Record and track a contact as an individual or an organization. Store unlimited number of addresses (home, business, summer, etc.) for a contact and make one as the primary address. Store up to 18 different phone/fax/mobile numbers. Store Email and Website addresses. Auto fill county and zip code information based on the city entered and vice versa.

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Record and store comprehensive information of every contact in the system. You can store a contact’s personal information including SSN, names of family members, memberships, and more. Create a your own list of categories and sort your contacts based on the various programs they are active in. You can also record sub-categories, and organization codes.

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Assign a relationship between two or more contacts in the system. For example you can assign Charles as the CPA for Maria. This allows you to auto-mail Maria’s accounting documents directly to Charles at the year end instead of sending them to Maria. Track your contact’s areas of influence and improve your chances of winning a grant or a donation. For instance you can record that your favorite donor is also the board member of the new organization you are approaching for a grant and leverage that person's relationship with the new organization.

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You can assign a designation to a contact based on his/her relationship with your organization. For example a contact in the system can be a donor, investor, borrower or a TA recipient. This functionality allows you to instantly differentiate borrowers from donors and so on. The menus and buttons on your screen are dynamic and conditional. They appear or disappear based on the designation of the contact you view. If you are viewing Maria’s information and she is a donor, you will see only donations related buttons on the screen. All other buttons (loans, TA, etc.) are automatically hidden.

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Customize your mailings list and assign a mailing to a contact directly. For example if you are recording the contact information of a new donor you can assign the mailings you want to send him/her while entering the contact information. This way you will never miss sending your annual report or news letter to an important donor or investor. You can even decide on the address type for a mailing (you might want to send the summer news letter to the summer address of the donor instead of the regular home address).
Generate mailing labels with utmost efficiency. For example if you need mailing labels for your annual report you select "annual report" from your mailings list in the labels tab and click "generate labels" button. This will auto generate labels with addresses for whom annual report mailings were assigned.

With the built-in mail merge functionality you can generate personalized thank you letters and other forms. All you have to do is create a template for a mailing and MIMOTA does the rest. Think about all the time you can save in creating and sending letters, annual reports, 1099s, etc.

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Make notes on all your communications with a contact and share it across your organization. A built in communications log not only records your notes but also tracks the date and name of the person who entered it. Manage “Next Actions” for a contact and create ticker lists for your employees. You can track the timeline and status of a task along with the information on the employee dealing with the task.

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