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Money In

Money In is a powerful solution that every fundraiser dreams of to manage fund mobilization. Whether you are involved in raising grants, donations, or investments, Money In helps you track and manage all your money in transactions. Money In clearly separates donors from investors by offering a completely different set of options for each individual or each transaction.


Next action and prospect tracking features allow you to effectively administer fund mobilization. You can also record and track telephone logs, communication memos and notes for each individual donor or investor. Money In is powered with a sophisticated financial engine that not only performs complex financial calculations but also manages information such as principle, category, renewal date, status date, maturity date, interest rate, investment type, tax ID, pay schedules and methods, program areas, gift type, and more.


With Money In you can...

>   Maintain all contact information along with relationship details

>   Record and track all technical information on donations and investments

>   Use next action and prospect tracking to improve fund mobilization activities

>   Automatically generate your standard forms (agreements, notices, etc.)

>   Generate powerful summary reports with flexible filtering options

>   Generate reports on all money-in related activities



Donations main screen

Adding a donation

Investments main screen

Investments detail screen

Prospect tracking main screen

New prospect screen



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