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Impact Measurement

Impact Measurement (IM) is a powerful solution to track and measure the impact of CDFI and Microenterprise organizations on their communities and constituents. With comprehensive reporting and flexible configuration, the system can accommodate nearly any impact tracking situation.

The allows you to establish which specific impact parameters your organization desires to track (for grant compliance or to support the mission of your organization), and then provides a flexible database for recording, updating, or changing that information as needed. Special features include automatic download of census tract info over the web. The system can be run standalone to store basic contact and loan details along with impact data, or it can be run in conjunction with MIMOTA for added flexibility and expanded reporting capabilities. The system can be used in conjunction with MIMOTA to generate the reports required by the CDFI fund for their new CIIS reporting requirements. It can also be used to do NCCA annual reporting.


With Impact Measurement you can...

>   Configure the system for the specific Impact Measurement criteria evaluated by your organization

>   Measure the impact of all community activities

>   Generate summary reports with flexible filtering options

>   Download census tract and location information based on street addresses

>   Track information for CIIS reporting requirements


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