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 Q4 2010 - MIMOTA/IDA Manager - Managing Director Keith MacKay demonstrated MIMOTA at the OFN Conference in San Francisco on November 2. He covered how the recent upgrades in MIMOTA make running a CDFI or startup community fund easier and more productive than ever.

 Q2 2009 - MIMOTA/IDA Manager - Village released some major reporting upgrades for both MIMOTA and IDA, integrating and taking advantage of many of the Excel solutions which Village has provided to small businesses and to Microsoft.

 Q1 2008 - MIMOTA/IDA Manager - Managing Director Keith MacKay spoke at the Directors of Volunteer Associations event in Boston. He spoke on how to get the most bang for the buck from Excel and databases at your organization.

 Q4 2007 - MIMOTA/IDA Manager - Village demonstrated MIMOTA at the 2007 OFN Annual Training Conference in Miami, FL. We also participated in the conference to help community development managers understand how using systems like MIMOTA can save time and money and free up resources for core activities.

 Q3 2007 - IDA Manager - Village Software released version 1 of our new IDA Manager.  pLEASE Contact us for a demo of IDA Manager with web-based updates of constituent information by community partners and participants.

 Q3 2007 - MIMOTA - Our Money-out system got a major upgrade, with major improvements in terms of reporting and tracking capabilities.

 Q1 2007 - MIMOTA - MIMOTA's Campaign Management system was rolled out.  This system allows a CDFI or other nonprofit to run and track their development campaigns fully through MIMOTA (including integration with web mailing services).

 2006 - MIMOTA/IDA Manager - Village Software adds VCLF, Opportunities Credit Union, Mercy Housing and Human Development, Compass IDA, MIDAS Collaborative, Travel Beautiful Appalachia Inc, YWCA Pittsburgh, Open Door, and others to the customer list!

 2005 - NADO Annual Conference in Seattle, WA. Village participated in the conference to help community development stakeholders understand MIMOTA and learn how best they can take advantage of MIMOTA to achieve their bottom-line goals.

After thorough due diligence the Economic Community Development Institute (ECDI) of Columbus, Ohio opted to implement MIMOTA as the organization level system to track IDA accounts, TA, training, impact and other transactions. Village is developing a unique graphical reporting system where data is mapped and plotted on geographic maps to generate reports on impact of ECDIs activities on various counties in the state of Ohio.

15th Annual AEO Conference and Membership Meeting in Portland Oregon, May 10 - 13, 2005. The conference was held at the Hilton Portland & Executive Tower and Village exhibited MIMOTA for the second time at this conference.

MIMOTA gains Microsoft certified solution status.  MIMOTA passed the Microsoft platforms and Office compatibility testing and has since been continuously listed in Microsoft's software catalogues. With our Certified Partner relationship with Microsoft we are also able to provide even better customer support.

Village first shows MIMOTA at the 2004 NCCA Conference, in Chicago. The attendees were impressed by MIMOTA's very flexible loan management module, and its ability to present all loan information in Excel spreadsheets allowing users to change line items and save back the changes to the database.